Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Agnosticism

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After many religious changes, I have settled (for the time being) in agnostic theism. What I mean by this is that I consider knowledge of God's existence to be impossible, and therefore I cannot be said to believe or disbelieve in the existence of God. However, because all I have is a question mark, I choose whether or not I will live my life as though there is a God, and I have chosen to live as though there is*.

Now, my reasoning for being agnostic lies in my understanding of God: I have always defined God as supernatural. I know that there are some who conceive of God as something natural, something that's a part of the natural order, however I would not call such a being 'God' any more than I would call extremely powerful extraterrestrial life 'God.' Whenever I talk of God, I am talking about a supernatural entity.

That is why I judge that agnosticism is the most reasonable position.

If God is supernatural, then he is by supernature outside of our grasp. Our minds are natural, our minds deal with natural phenomena, we are natural**. If God is supernatural, he would be so utterly unlike anything we've encountered that it would be impossible to conceive of him. Science, reason, and logic all work with natural material, but why suppose that they can also work with supernatural material? Why suppose that the supernatural even operates according to logic? Why suppose that natural minds are equipped to deal with supernatural matters? Most importantly, why suppose that a supernatural entity would leave natural evidence of its existence?

That is why I have thrown in my lot with agnosticism, because I do not see any reason to suppose that knowledge on the topic is even possible.

*In principle. Really I live more like a heathen who prays before meals and sleep.
**Unless it's true that we possess spirits that are supernatural.

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