Sunday, November 20, 2011

Everything Dated Prior to this Post

Has been imported from other blogs that I've had over the years.

The posts have, in most cases, been edited either to correct minor spelling and grammar errors, to remove author's notes, to remove references to other blogs that were not imported, or to make certain stylistic changes that I am compelled to make (most images were added later). I try to keep the intent of the original blog intact (because seeing things that changed and things that stay the same is what makes importing these blogs fun, and to do that the old blogs need to say the same things they said back then).

The blog where I originally posted everything prior to "On Religion" has since been deleted. All other blogs will include a link to their original posting.

I would like to stress that the things written in these old posts often do not represent my current thought, but they represent the evolution of my thought. Although, I can't deny, that I often find some version of my current beliefs in these old blogs. It's comforting to see the consistency, but disheartening to see the sometimes small growth and change.

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