Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Fragility of Productivity

This is presumptuous of me to say, since I'm not a writer (except in the sense of these blogs and the, uh, Batman story I've devoted my present life to), but I have come to the conclusion that the writer needs one of two things to pursue his activity: solitude or a close circle of exclusively supportive and understanding people who endorse the writer's desire to write. Naturally the writer can not expect the entire world to support his endeavors, but his close circle, the people he interacts with daily in his free time, must support his endeavors.

The reason I say this is that productivity is easily disrupted; even if the will to write is healthy, distractions derail the process or increase the flaws in the products. To minimize distractions requires an environment where the collective will of the people occupying the space is in agreement that distractions ought to be minimized. Even a single rogue will can lead to disruption... especially since the invention of the TV.

So which is to be preferred? Solitude? Or support? I will not make a judgment here as I do not think that this is a case of worse and better, but a case of different heights and different flavors being produced by different conditions.

But, then, one can not stop being productive simply because conditions are not ideal, but it is always tempting to do so. This is a case of cathartic bitching.

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