Friday, March 15, 2013

Why Ad Nauseum

Ask 'why' and I can give you a 'because.' Upon submitting that 'because,' you can demand an additional 'why.' There is nothing that ensures that this chain must eventually break. There is no clear terminus, you can always keep asking 'why?' So what will make you eventually stop? What will satisfy your need to keep asking. Only that you will eventually be satisfied. Not that the answer will ever reach a point where is has conclusively settled the matter, only that the questioner will eventually come to value the air they use asking more than they value the asking of the question.

There is a purpose for asking why, but you must understand to what end you ask the question and what the answer means to you, that is, how it will change your course of action. If you ask it simply to dig to the bottom, eventually you will hear, 'it just is!'

And then you'll probably ask, 'why,' won't you, shithead?

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