Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reason, Order, and the Universe

Reason consists in perceiving relations. Order consists of ensuring that a power is not turned on itself, but instead works toward something-anything-efficiently. We use reason to form theories about how appearances relate to one another, and we order ourselves in such a way that we are not our own enemies; so that we do not pursue our Will-to-This and then undercut it by pursuing our Will-to-That.

We picture our universe operating according to immutable laws: the laws of logic, the laws of reason. Perhaps this is an error, or if not an error, perhaps it is excessive. Maybe we do not need to picture a rational universe. Instead we need simply see that the universe is working, and then we will see that an irrational universe would be a universe working against itself. In such a universe, there would be no one to comment on its rationality or irrationality.

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