Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Walter White Will Commit Suicide

Also, just throwing this out there in case this turns out to be correct, I would like a record indicating that I called it.

Breaking Bad is going to end with Walter White using the ricin on himself. I imagine that he will use the M60 to save someone - presumably his family, and I am fairly confident that the show will end with Walter's suicide via the ricin. Walter is beyond redemption at this point; Skylar and Hank both know who he is and there is no way for him to just gloss over his time as Heisenberg and live out his days as Walter the Car Wash Man. Besides, his cancer is back, his days are numbered. In the pilot episode he was told that, best case scenario, he has a couple more years.

The final episodes will have Walter returning to his roots, to the initial state that eventually led to him breaking bad and becoming Heisenberg. In the pilot episode we see Walter attempt suicide and fail only because the safety was on, we know that he initially began cooking Meth to provide money for his family, and we know that the catalyst for all this was the lung cancer. With eight episodes left we know that the lung cancer is back. He has alienated his family (Skylar and Hank, anyway, with Marie and Walt Jr. being affected by Walt's actions without direct knowledge of what he has become), to return to his roots Walter will need to use Heisenberg-esque tactics in support of his family. Finally, throughout the entire show we have seen Walt go from being a meek, humiliated man tossed about by the world beyond his control to a man who can manipulate, control, and prevail in nearly any situation. He will not allow cancer to take him: he will decide when he dies.

A year into the future we have seen the word "Heisenberg" spray painted on his family's trashed living room. When Carol sees him, she is stunned and terrified. Obviously his identity has become known. How many enemies does Walt have? In the first episode we know that Lydia came to him complaining about the declining quality of the product and asks him to provide a tutorial to bring the product back up to his standards, which he refuses. What effect will that have? Obviously people want Walt's services and he refuses to provide them.

Walt let people down by exiting the game. They will not be above kidnapping his family to draw him out of hiding. And as long as he lives his family will be in danger, people will target them to gain leverage over Heisenberg. He will rescue his family. He will use the ricin on himself; ricin being slow acting, he could take the poison prior to any kind of mission or rescue attempt and be secure in the knowledge that he will soon be dead. In the end, Walt wins and loses all at once. He gains nothing considering that he will be dead, his family is left without a husband/father just as they would have been if he had never become a meth cook - which continues the Breaking Bad world's tendency to show that sin never leads to profit and always brings about ruin and just happens to make the world as worse place in the process. However he will experience a taste of redemption in that he will return to living for his family, the motivation he had at the start before he had dreams of running an empire, and of course he will be victorious in that he will save his family from the danger that he himself brought on them.

Or, maybe not. What do I know? This is the only TV Show I watch.

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