Friday, August 16, 2013

Why I am Politically Useless

Every so often I will read some dipshit on the internet spouting off his opinions on politics and I will think to myself, "you know, I could be that dipshit. I could spout political opinions. Why don't I?"

And the problem is that I would never be able to feel as though I were providing any kind of information. With my philosophy I often discuss the inherent subjectivity of our reason, so when I sit down and write down opinion I do not feel like a liar. I have made clear that my philosophy relies a good deal on my will and my desires and I have tried to explore that philosophy can not be otherwise. So I don't feel like much of a liar, I find myself doing philosophy in an honest capacity.

Politics on the other hand carries an inherent pretension to objectivity. No one sharing a political opinion can sensibly emphasize that his conclusions rely on premises that are personal to him - this is obviously true, but you can not emphasize it. Politics is essentially about the way you want others to be situated and behave. One can always work to situate oneself in a certain way and work to behave in a certain way; politics is about arranging society in such a way that either it is advantageous for others to situate and behave certain ways or it is mandatory by threat of force.

However, how can you express in the same breath that your reasoning is dependent upon your own subjective experience and also that it should apply to others outside of you? How can you say that we should all live according to the world as you found it?

Of course, you can not. Not publicly, only in private could you admit this to yourself. The great oddity being that we haven't got much choice, we have to arrange society in some way and oftentimes those arrangements will need to draw on private wills for their fine points and other times we will simply have to invite private wills en masse to compete with one another to see what direction we will ultimately steer the ship in. Certainly there is a better arrangement, but at least in our time it is necessary for us to pretend that those proclamations which proceed from our own natures are, in fact, inferences drawn from the nature of the world.

And I fixate far too much on that fact. Consequently, I become politically useless.

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