Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Head in the Clouds

Towards the end of June I increased my writing output, posting at least one post every day for 40 days (as of this post). This, I have enjoyed. I put into words for the first time a number of ideas that were floating in my head. Some are ideas I imagine I'm going to have to kill one day, some are ideas I hope I can keep for the rest of my life, none of them are as fully developed as I want them to be, but I am okay with that for the time being. I love everything that I have posted, and I love having this blog as a hobby and a motivator to keep reading and thinking.

But, if there's one thing I tend to feel acutely after too much time writing about abstract concepts, it's that you start to feel a little divorce between your head and your world. The world isn't abstract, it's concrete. And the world isn't historical, it's the present (although I haven't posted in that area). And people aren't sociological or anthropological, they're individual humans. And while I think it is good and useful to examine the limitations of thought and knowledge, I also think it is necessary that we remember that it is still our thought and our knowledge and that we must use them to navigate and experience our world.

That's why after awhile, once I get my thoughts down and I spend a little time with my head “in the clouds” so to speak, I need to come back down for a little while. Look at the world through another one of my vantage points for awhile, let my ideas simmer on the backburner for a little while, explore some different geography, direct my energies elsewhere for a little while.

Now the only question is, where should I direct them? Actually, that isn't much of a question, because I have already decided.

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