Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rage Against the Coherence!

This blog really started to become exciting for me around the time I started using the “Remark” label. Because at that point, I gave myself permission to post without expressing a full point. All I had to do was put into words whatever shadow of a point was on my mind, and then it was out there to be revisited, revised, or abandoned later on down the road.

But every so often I want to write with some pretensions, I want to put out a blog that expresses a coherent range of points on a subject. So I write it and leave it to be copy edited later. And, goddamnit, I hate that fucking part! I want to say that I hate it because it imposes an artificial order that keeps the paper from having the same characteristic chaos that all real human thinking has. Or I want to say that I hate it because it removes the conversational tone from the writing, it polishes it and then keeps it from having that casual flavor.

But that's just posturing. I hate it because it's difficult, it's not fun to face the fact that you lapse into incoherence, and it's a pain in the ass trying to get your scattered thoughts to all come together into some kind of unity.


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