Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love of America

I love America. I love my nation. Why? This is not a sensible question I could answer. It is not as though I could point to certain particulars of the government or geography and say, "I love America for these reasons." In fact, it is all quite arbitrary, if America were to suddenly shift two degrees left or right on all issues, I would continue to love America. It is not the sort of love that has to be earned, it is the kind of love that is given freely.

I love America because it is mine. Because whatever it is, I am a part of it. The people I know are a part of it. My culture, the parts I like and the parts I hate, are American. The places I go are American. My day-to-day world is an American world. This is the nation that I am a part of, and there is no other reason needed to love it.

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