Monday, July 30, 2012

How Does Bane Eat

Someone found this blog by Googling "how does bane eat." I am, quite frankly, relieved that I am finally being looked to as the fountain of Batmanian information that I am. Heaven forbid that I let the internet down (for, as you will notice, nothing on my blog actually contains information about Bane's digestive process, it's mostly thrown together posts about perspectivism), therefore I sat down in my armchair and resolved that I would solve this conundrum - this conundrum that seems to demand empirical investigation - sheerly through a priori reasoning and steadfast commitment!

Fear not, for I managed to conjure the answer to this riddle!

With his mouth. He eats with his mouth. You're welcome.

That mouth. The one that exists under the removable mask he wears.

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  1. This little sarcastic post I wrote still seems to attract the most traffic over time.